Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Queen of hearts

This piece is called 'Queen of hearts' ultimately running along the idea that you, yourself, are the king/queen of your own heart. Bullshitt when people say their heart was stolen, blah blah. It is something that is attached to you, no it won't be stolen, But given in that split moment you are foolish enough to take a risk. Foolish and brave I suppose. Along the side it says 'for you dear' backing up the idea that you are the one who hands your heart over to someone, and you hand it over so peacefully, because you do it with the confidence that it will be taken care of. Being able to give away your heart easily isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's a dangerous thing. But who knows, would you rather be a fickle anti-love person, or a head in the clouds with love dreamer?

So, fantastical news! Got some new media, and they are colours! So yees yes, the world has gone crazy, I've stuck to colour and lovin' it! So this piece was done on a large sand-coloured tile. I painted a base coat of white acrylic paint with more water than paint mixed, so that you could see the brush strokes and a visible texture was created. Pencil drew the design, then went in with permanent ink markers for outlines. Then, the good stuff. I used my new babies, Uni POSCA Paint markers, which are extremely easy to use, create an absolute flawless and even layer of paint and streaks were nowhere to be seen! Ahh nice flat colour, just the way I like it.
So afterwards went back in with a .4 fineliner and a .2 fineliner to create those finer details :-) Love love love the fluorescent pink, I must say.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sneak peak

I actually don't know where I was going with this piece. It was a spontaneous combustion of me really wanting to come out with something new. I've been stuck in work mode and a routine that contains sleep, eat, work and nothing more else. So this piece has little-to-no inspiration behind it really, just a bunch of pics I liked and saw and infused this together. Not a favourite work, hardly like it at all actually. But somehow it got a video..geeez-la-weez. Anyhoo check it out!

This piece was done on a normal A3 sketch pad, media used was just acrylic paint and a super ink permanent marker, as well as .4 fineliner. Again, not a fav, I was sloppy with technique and just eager to get something finished. Ohhh how I miss the feeling of accomplishment!

Latest Stuff

who knew I had a dark side huh?
Yes yes, funny. This little project is a selection of black and white drawings I've done. They are a little different from my usual style, but the overall technique and principles are obvious. As you can see, I started this on the 13/07/11. I've gotten into the habit of dating my sketch books or pocket books. Inspiration behind these pieces are well, mostly the thoughts in my head I don't wish to say out loud. We all have moments where we want to back chat, or point out to that stranger they are being a complete knob. But that isn't always possible..or civil. So instead I do what any good teen angst drama queen does, and expressed myself through other forms besides actually getting over it!!~

Monday, June 13, 2011

Just a little something cool I wanted to share!

Sadly, I haven't had the time to do some new stuff. But after bringing out all the works and putting them up, it's really kicked me back into that mode of wanting to do more! wanting to draw more! So with that being said, I'm gonna try do some new shit on the train to work, and even on my breaks. So hopefully some new shit soon! yee-haw

Friday, June 3, 2011


The time has finally come, Prog tshirts were finally made, and gosh I couldn't just stop at one hey! After a lot of trial and error, and a few pennies down the drain..I worked out a little system. All shirts were done by me, no help or assistance from actual tshirt printers. Happy with the end result, infact. Over the moon! Excited to do some new stuff and get that on shirts too. Let's see how I go then :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I drew everywhere!

This piece involved a lot of patience. It was done with acyrlic and sharpie marker. Media was a tad difficult to use, mainly because no I didn't use paper or card like a usually do. (I know, it looks like it) But the piece is actually drawn/painted on a large piece of gray tile. Pretty cool stuff I thought. We had a junkload of tiles in our garage and I thought..freakin' sweeet! Inspiration for this piece came from this video >here haha..pretty depressing actually, but it somewhat reminded me of myself when watching it. In the video the boy draws on everything, the walls, the floor..Which is what I did growing up and it would infuriate my parents. Sorry guys. Anyhow, check out a short little progress video I did, I didn't want to bore you with me making the whole thing, so it's severely shortened!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Be Civil

This piece was done with fine liner and acrylic. I've decided to use a lot more solid black acrylic to colour in most aspects of my works, just because using fine liner is pretty annoying. Not to mention I'm running dangerously low..The colour comes out with a much better coverage. I'm overall sticking to my black and white roots, however I do like adding some colour here and there. Ultimately craving the clean look that simple fine liner and paper has, especially after watching the 'secret wars' artists do their stuff. (Which you can read about here and here)

Inspiration for this piece came from two separate videos. One called 'Staying with Vegas' which you can see here And the second one called 'Pink Terror' Which you can watch right here (Sorry I couldn't upload the videos, for there was no download option for these specific ones)
Basically the overall look and feel came from Pink Terror, I for one loved the music used in the video, (big Justice fan) and the stunts and slow-mo was just way cool. The concept behind the piece revolves around the idea of perception of others who have plenty of body art. If you've seen the video 'Staying with Vegas' you would know it's about a single father who talks about the love for his daughter. He isn't what the typical old-fashioned person would say looks fit to raise a child, or be a good father. And that's where my concept fits in. People tend to judge on stupid ideas and images, however little do they realise they are in fact more inhumane than those they are judging.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The mind.

A lot of people tend to look at my work and think, 'LSD' and I tend to agree. Aha, but no in all seriousness I am not under the influence of any substances whilst drawing. However, I met a man out on one of my very late night adventures, who had taken many, many, many..things. Speaking to him was actually insightful at some parts. He used the very line 'The mind exaggerates everything' and of course for him at that stage it would have been. But I thought, with or without substances, the mind really does exaggerate everything. Think about scenarios and everyday decisions and actions made, our thought process seems to be wacky and can throw us off. We tend to over think, and make problems bigger by our thoughts. So yes, a drugged up man from New Zealand was my inspiration for this piece.

Media used was coloured pencil, acrylic paint, fine liner and marker. Starting to enjoy using colour! However I enjoy having the overall figure in fine liner and black and white, just because it's so clean and easy. Not too happy with the letter form colour, was hoping that blue would turn out brighter..damn miss leading wet paint. Overall happy with it though.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My most hated/loved work yet

This was a real pain in the ass to do, I won't lie. Used water colour, acrylic, coloured pencil, fine liner, ink and permanent marker. The watercolour was a bitch to use, because you do need to wait for it to dry to go over certain parts, also the paper can get really shitty if you don't use the right stuff, which in this case, I did not. Kicking myself for that. Once the piece was finished I had to place it on card for better presentation, however again, the shitty paper choice let me down. Bubbles in the paper were unavoidable so it's a bit wrinkly and just so unpleasant and not perfect. I'm a tad anal about it. In terms of media choice, love watercolour, ink is much effort and I'm nowhere near confidant enough to use it for a whole drawing. The scale A3 however the whole page wasn't used so it was cut down to size.

As for the inspiration behind this piece, the quote used actually comes from an Adele song, featured above, (ignore the Spanish subtitles) I like the quote purely because to me in portrays the message that by setting fire to the rain you are in fact ridding of your problems. I like to think I have the ability to disregard my worries and live happily. I chose two figures, (male + female) to portray this, The male saying the quote, as a way of saying just let go, and let this moment in the present be.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Imagination is everything

Working with watercolor and acrylic sure was different to just using fine-liner or pen. It was a lot more time consuming and took a bit of patience..especially since I'm no painter, this was a risk. Overall I was happy with the result, I'm definitely not 100% confident with this media yet however, but I think I'm on my way. The hardest thing about this drawing was definitely the letter was time consuming and could not have any mistakes! I achieved the letter form by drawing it out in pencil, then taking a steel ruler and drawing lines, moving the ruler the tiniest bit each time.

Inspiration for this piece came from a quote by Albert Einstein - "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." I'm a strong believer that our thoughts manifest things into our lives, so seeing this I felt the need to bring pen to paper.
The illustration was done on white watercolour paper, then stuck onto brown recycled paper that was then placed on card, to make the piece a lot more solid than flimsy.

Monday, February 21, 2011

We are the result of Love.

In this piece I decided to play with a little bit of colour, using pencil. Ultimately doing the letter form and illustration in .4 and .6 fine liner. The scale of this piece is on an A3 square off-set blue card.. Although hard to believe..This actually only took a bit over an hour to complete. I think I was in prime drawing mode, plus I really wanted to start something new.

Inspiration from this drawing actually came from a video I stumbled upon by accident. There are a series of videos created for the single or dating man. It's just everyday men, sharing their advice on love. The video that prompted this drawing I believe has a nice solid message, which I why I used the quote he expresses is an important outlook to have. Ultimately it's saying in order to achieve love, one must believe in love. Here's the source of my inspiration here:

In relation to the work, you can see I'm quiet reluctant to use colour. Which is why I use to little. I'm hoping to change this in some of my more recent pieces, and use different media like paint and watercolour. I'm also beginning to keep the scale of my works larger than I usually would.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Trust issues

A lot of the time you hear the cliche school art teacher phrase 'express yourself' through your work. I tend to do quiet the opposite. I don't necessarily draw what I'm feeling at that present time- Instead I draw what I wish to feel. In this case I tend to have the worst ability to trust and I do hope to one day be able to trust someone with my life. It's always nice to think you could trust an individual that much. This illustration was a reflection on how I wish to one day be with a person. Call it...'Wishful drawing'


PROG: Is one of my favourite illustrations that I decided to bring to life, so to speak. Prog is the first illustration I did that I decided to place on t-shirts. The name I came up with is quiet fitting, as 'prog' is short of Progress. He is a reflection of my drawing abilities and how far I've come from developing a style and look, and bringing my illustrations to the computer in order to bring colour and vibrancy to my pieces. Prog in a way is the beginning I hope, of many many more illustrative births I give.
Add Image
I've grown to fancy drawing on top of photographs I've taken lately. Using acrylic paints to sometimes create a solid block of colour as a basis, or drawing directly over the photograph. I love taking photos and I love illustrating too. I think this is a pretty cool way to mesh the two together. I hope to do a lot more of this style of drawing, rather than just on paper or card.

Bullet hole touch

Warm beer & milk

This is yet another dedication drawing. This drawing was to a friend or pen pal you could say. We had a weird fascination towards beer and milk, and he is in some sort of heavy metal band. So this is what it lead to in drawn form. Safe to say the drawing is much more enjoyable than mixing beer with milk.


Fed up in my atmosphere

You're the best

This was actually a dedication to an old friend of mine, who really helped me through some tough times. -Although we do not keep in contact now, I drew this with them in mind, as a way to express my gratitude towards their compassion. Perhaps one day they will see this drawing and know it was made for them. But for now, it's for every ones eyes to enjoy.