Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I drew everywhere!

This piece involved a lot of patience. It was done with acyrlic and sharpie marker. Media was a tad difficult to use, mainly because no I didn't use paper or card like a usually do. (I know, it looks like it) But the piece is actually drawn/painted on a large piece of gray tile. Pretty cool stuff I thought. We had a junkload of tiles in our garage and I thought..freakin' sweeet! Inspiration for this piece came from this video >here haha..pretty depressing actually, but it somewhat reminded me of myself when watching it. In the video the boy draws on everything, the walls, the floor..Which is what I did growing up and it would infuriate my parents. Sorry guys. Anyhow, check out a short little progress video I did, I didn't want to bore you with me making the whole thing, so it's severely shortened!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Be Civil

This piece was done with fine liner and acrylic. I've decided to use a lot more solid black acrylic to colour in most aspects of my works, just because using fine liner is pretty annoying. Not to mention I'm running dangerously low..The colour comes out with a much better coverage. I'm overall sticking to my black and white roots, however I do like adding some colour here and there. Ultimately craving the clean look that simple fine liner and paper has, especially after watching the 'secret wars' artists do their stuff. (Which you can read about here and here)

Inspiration for this piece came from two separate videos. One called 'Staying with Vegas' which you can see here And the second one called 'Pink Terror' Which you can watch right here (Sorry I couldn't upload the videos, for there was no download option for these specific ones)
Basically the overall look and feel came from Pink Terror, I for one loved the music used in the video, (big Justice fan) and the stunts and slow-mo was just way cool. The concept behind the piece revolves around the idea of perception of others who have plenty of body art. If you've seen the video 'Staying with Vegas' you would know it's about a single father who talks about the love for his daughter. He isn't what the typical old-fashioned person would say looks fit to raise a child, or be a good father. And that's where my concept fits in. People tend to judge on stupid ideas and images, however little do they realise they are in fact more inhumane than those they are judging.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The mind.

A lot of people tend to look at my work and think, 'LSD' and I tend to agree. Aha, but no in all seriousness I am not under the influence of any substances whilst drawing. However, I met a man out on one of my very late night adventures, who had taken many, many, many..things. Speaking to him was actually insightful at some parts. He used the very line 'The mind exaggerates everything' and of course for him at that stage it would have been. But I thought, with or without substances, the mind really does exaggerate everything. Think about scenarios and everyday decisions and actions made, our thought process seems to be wacky and can throw us off. We tend to over think, and make problems bigger by our thoughts. So yes, a drugged up man from New Zealand was my inspiration for this piece.

Media used was coloured pencil, acrylic paint, fine liner and marker. Starting to enjoy using colour! However I enjoy having the overall figure in fine liner and black and white, just because it's so clean and easy. Not too happy with the letter form colour, was hoping that blue would turn out brighter..damn miss leading wet paint. Overall happy with it though.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My most hated/loved work yet

This was a real pain in the ass to do, I won't lie. Used water colour, acrylic, coloured pencil, fine liner, ink and permanent marker. The watercolour was a bitch to use, because you do need to wait for it to dry to go over certain parts, also the paper can get really shitty if you don't use the right stuff, which in this case, I did not. Kicking myself for that. Once the piece was finished I had to place it on card for better presentation, however again, the shitty paper choice let me down. Bubbles in the paper were unavoidable so it's a bit wrinkly and just so unpleasant and not perfect. I'm a tad anal about it. In terms of media choice, love watercolour, ink is much effort and I'm nowhere near confidant enough to use it for a whole drawing. The scale A3 however the whole page wasn't used so it was cut down to size.

As for the inspiration behind this piece, the quote used actually comes from an Adele song, featured above, (ignore the Spanish subtitles) I like the quote purely because to me in portrays the message that by setting fire to the rain you are in fact ridding of your problems. I like to think I have the ability to disregard my worries and live happily. I chose two figures, (male + female) to portray this, The male saying the quote, as a way of saying just let go, and let this moment in the present be.