Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Queen of hearts

This piece is called 'Queen of hearts' ultimately running along the idea that you, yourself, are the king/queen of your own heart. Bullshitt when people say their heart was stolen, blah blah. It is something that is attached to you, no it won't be stolen, But given in that split moment you are foolish enough to take a risk. Foolish and brave I suppose. Along the side it says 'for you dear' backing up the idea that you are the one who hands your heart over to someone, and you hand it over so peacefully, because you do it with the confidence that it will be taken care of. Being able to give away your heart easily isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's a dangerous thing. But who knows, would you rather be a fickle anti-love person, or a head in the clouds with love dreamer?

So, fantastical news! Got some new media, and they are colours! So yees yes, the world has gone crazy, I've stuck to colour and lovin' it! So this piece was done on a large sand-coloured tile. I painted a base coat of white acrylic paint with more water than paint mixed, so that you could see the brush strokes and a visible texture was created. Pencil drew the design, then went in with permanent ink markers for outlines. Then, the good stuff. I used my new babies, Uni POSCA Paint markers, which are extremely easy to use, create an absolute flawless and even layer of paint and streaks were nowhere to be seen! Ahh nice flat colour, just the way I like it.
So afterwards went back in with a .4 fineliner and a .2 fineliner to create those finer details :-) Love love love the fluorescent pink, I must say.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sneak peak

I actually don't know where I was going with this piece. It was a spontaneous combustion of me really wanting to come out with something new. I've been stuck in work mode and a routine that contains sleep, eat, work and nothing more else. So this piece has little-to-no inspiration behind it really, just a bunch of pics I liked and saw and infused this together. Not a favourite work, hardly like it at all actually. But somehow it got a video..geeez-la-weez. Anyhoo check it out!

This piece was done on a normal A3 sketch pad, media used was just acrylic paint and a super ink permanent marker, as well as .4 fineliner. Again, not a fav, I was sloppy with technique and just eager to get something finished. Ohhh how I miss the feeling of accomplishment!

Latest Stuff

who knew I had a dark side huh?
Yes yes, funny. This little project is a selection of black and white drawings I've done. They are a little different from my usual style, but the overall technique and principles are obvious. As you can see, I started this on the 13/07/11. I've gotten into the habit of dating my sketch books or pocket books. Inspiration behind these pieces are well, mostly the thoughts in my head I don't wish to say out loud. We all have moments where we want to back chat, or point out to that stranger they are being a complete knob. But that isn't always possible..or civil. So instead I do what any good teen angst drama queen does, and expressed myself through other forms besides actually getting over it!!~