Sunday, March 11, 2012

What a fancy face you have!

Well i do say..that is quiet the face. This illustration kookie as always, but on a more lighter note don't you think? misspaul drawings are always odd and can be hard to read the mood of the piece of work. But this drawing is obviously one from a positive place. From the bright colours to the goofy and innocent face of the feature, this is a drawing that I wanted to evoke a cheeky, charming-ness to.
So on this piece of work I used 0.8 Fine-liner and 0.1 fine-liner. The colour is all coloured pencil, (yeah I know, ouch on the fingers!) Most of the colouring was done with a 'suffocate the paper' sort of technique. Where gripping the pencil became one of the most painful experiences ever.. The large area around the letterform, in the aqua was more pleasantly applied by just lightly smoothing the pencil over and doing a few layers of colour. Inspiration for this piece would have to come from two things that are obvious dominant features in this work. That being print, and skulls. I read a book recently called 'the book of skulls.' or flipped through, to be completely honest. It's a book featuring pictures of, well..skulls. Candle skulls, sculptures, posters, graffitti, all things skully! I thought it was pretty cool, and then mixing that with some interesting prints I've grown to love, the more mondo-mexican circus sort of prints really catch my eye! The colour is again, I find very positive and fun. And who doesn't like creating something fun to look at and feel about!
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