Monday, March 12, 2012

Just a little bitta fun

These silly things were done awhile ago out of
boredom. Flipping through a Frankie magazine
I saw some reaaal potential for me to 'misspaul'
some things up. So that is exactly what I did.
This image here on the left displays some elderly women having a sweet little group hug, or perhaps
some hippie drum circle sorta thing going on..old
people and pot teacakes? It happens. Anyhow, regardless of what they were doing, I turned their sweet little teaparty into some demonic and humorous rendition of creepy creatures who are the best of friends.

I continued to flip through this Frankie magazine, finding no interest in the articles or generally anything it had to say, But I did enjoy the texture of the paper, and the way the images were printed. They also did have interesting photography so I continued to rip out pages and have my way with them!

For all of the images I painted over certain areas in white acrylic paint, then used 0.1-0.5 fine-liners to add details and lines. Again this was done a few months ago, so it is similar to a lot of my old pieces, and isn't following my new trend of colour! No need to be disheartened!
Enjoy the rest of my images, and until next time :) misspaul x

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