Monday, March 12, 2012

Oooh La Love,

Everyone welcome another colourful misspaul child into the world! This lovely piece was done surprisingly fast and I didn't have too much of a mind block with it. The words on the 3-d shapes read 'Oh la La, I've fallen in love, And it's better this time than ever before'. These are lyrics from a Foster the people song titled "I would do anything for you" which you can check out here . Listening to this song just really does give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside, especially if you have one significant person who really fills those shoes. I like to call them, darling shoe-fillers. Haha, but in all seriousness, this song was a great inspiration for this work, the girl displaying an innocent clench of her hands together, as if staring at her love themself. The heart in the eye taking most of the space, reflecting that she is overcome by the feeling of love. Since the girl is enriched with such a lovely and vibrant feeling, I mirrored that with a vibrant shirt, however still keeping that solid black continuous throughout the work.

This piece was done on an A3 sized card, the image taking most of the space as I do enjoy the larger scale drawing. The drawing was first done in pencil, and outlined in 0.1 fine-liner. Once the drawing started to take shape I used a pigment oil-base permanent fineliner to colour in most of the black spaces, and thickly outline certain lines. The hair of the figure however was done with a uni-posca paint marker, as was the two geometric shapes. The print on the shirt I used coloured pencil with just a light shading, keeping it quiet soft in application.
Until next time :)
misspaul x

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