Monday, June 25, 2012

A loving gift.

The large-ass-tiles are back people! So I have been super unmotivated to do anything creative lately. I got stuck in a routine of work everyday and hardly any socializing, feeling like I had no time to just chill out. So I'm currently on annual leave and enjoying the nothingness that I'm achieving. But after a conversation with 3 separate people, it occurred to me that I really needed to find my touch again, and do some of my old recognizable work. I have to say, it was relaxing and is a step closer to feeling like my old peaceful self. Good stuff!

So this piece is actually a gift for my partner Tom. Just a little reminder about his vampire-like sleep cycle, I'm sure his mumma would approve of me doing this! So I got a large tile, that was actually an off white, sand sort of shade. So I did and undercoat of white with acrylic and let that try and then applied a second coat with a hard bristled brush in small 'box like' brush strokes for texture. Drew it on with pencil then went in with .5 and .2 fineliner and posca paint pens in black to finish the whole thing. Hopefully I can get back into the groooooove and post some more stuff soon! xx

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